Way of the Cross Twin Cities

“Adhere to the history through which He has reached us.”

The Way of the Cross Twin Cities is an annual procession held on Good Friday, emulating Christ’s walk to Calvary. Sponsored by the Movement of Communion and Liberation, the Way of the Cross publicly commemorates five stations of the Passion of Jesus Christ. At each station, readings from scripture will be offered, along with hymns, reflections and meditations.

Good Friday 2019 | Why Walk this Way?



The act of walking the Way of the Cross is a clear, concrete sign: a prayer that is visible to the world. It opens our hearts in both silence and song—enabling us to experience the suffering and beauty of the Lord’s Passion. It is a prayer that is at once meditative, reflective, reverent and missionary. 



The act of walking the Way of the Cross is a public act that is “for” something and not against it. Most public acts in our society are those of protest—where we stand together on one issue and against another. When we walk the Way of the Cross in public, we are saying: “We are one. We stand together: for life, for Christ, for our way of life in Christ. Come with us, all are welcome.” 



The act of walking the Way of the Cross is a beautiful way to enter concretely into belonging to Christ and to His people. As followers of Christ, we are called to live in communion with one another, to love one another. To walk together under the cross, is a concrete sign of communion—walking together in one “movement”, one body, for one Way. 

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