“Adhere to the history through which He has reached us.”

The journey forward requires adhering like children to the story of God in our life. The event of Christ endures throughout history, and makes itself visible today through our companionship—the place where this presence "exists" and is more easily recognized and loved, where this presence forgives everything. 

–Fr. Julian Carron


Good Friday 2019

The Way of the Cross Twin Cities is an annual procession held on Good Friday, emulating Christ’s walk to Calvary. Sponsored by the Movement of Communion and Liberation, the Way of the Cross publicly commemorates five stations of the Passion of Jesus Christ. At each station, readings from scripture will be offered, along with hymns, reflections and meditations.

To be "For"

In the US, when we gather in public, we are most often gathering to “protest" something: to be "against" something. In  light of this, it is our desire to offer something different: we invite Christians in the Twin Cities to come together publicly for something: for Christ, for each other in companionship and for our lives in Him. 

Living the life of Christ means living in communion. Walking the Way of the Cross is a concrete act of this life and this communion. We are for Christ, and we walk together to show this "for", this belonging, to the world.

On the Way

We begin our walk at the Minnesota State Capitol as a way of including the secular—not protesting against it. This is where the Passion really begins, as Jesus was condemned publicly by Pilot, who represented the government. As we make our way through downtown St. Paul, stopping at landmarks and churches along the way, we reflect upon the events in the Passion of Christ. In the final stretch, our journey becomes the most concrete as we ascend Cathedral Hill—most strikingly reminiscent of the climb to Calvary.